Professional Painting Service

Machado Brothers Painting offers a wide range of Painting services. We are dedicated to achieving high quality results at an affordable price. Here are a few services we offer with a description of the professional approach we take to reach our goals.

Exterior Painting: Machado Brothers Painting has perfected the process of restoring old and aging homes, as well as taking a brand new home and properly sealing and coating every surface to ensure a paint job that will meet and exceed all expectations. We believe that surface preparation is our key to unlocking the world of quality. Starting with a good pressure wash of all surfaces gives us a clean canvas to start our process. Next we focus on caulking and filling all holes and cracks in the siding and trim. Followed by sanding and priming of all surfaces in need. This approach gives us the out come we strive for at Machado Brothers Painting.

Interior Painting: Whether it is a repaint, remodel, or brand new home, here at Machado Brothers Painting we set our standards high and our results are unbeatable. We address problem areas with professional advice and inform our clients of the best approach to solving the issue at hand. From moisture problems, mold issues, water damage, and fire damage we have done it all and can provide the information needed to help our clients make the best decision. We pride our selves on our ability to achieve high quality results in any environment. Wall and trim preparation are among the top priorities for a quality interior paint job. Along with the necessary steps of making sure all furniture, floors and windows are completely covered. Once all painting is finished we here at Machado Brothers Painting feel that the job is not complete with out a quality clean up process. We strive to return your home back to the exact order it was before we set foot in your door.